Joaquín Núñez Hidalgo
& Caribbean Jazz Collective

Caribbean Jazz Collective Band

This is a Latin-Caribbean-Jazz Project, featuring a great line up of local and international musicians (all with a Caribbean background).

The Caribbean Jazz Collective is led by Cuban composer, arranger and Master Percussionist Joaquín Núñez Hidalgo and includes musicians with the caliber of producer and exceptional piano player Eddie Bullen. Each one of the members of this band brings to the show an explosive amount of talent , making every presentation an unforgettable life experience for the audience. Their music is a combination of all the sounds and rhythms from the Caribbean. From cha cha chá to soca and from rumba to reggae. All this, in a very open performance concept, which is characteristic of jazz music. This ensemble creates a professional spectacle ending in a unique sound and journey for each viewer.

RBW (Really Big World) formerly 7Sould

Really Big World Band

RBW is a newly formed band out of Toronto, Canada.  While the band is new, the musicians involved have long histories of making music; Rock, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Salsa, Reggae, Musicals, Theatrical Productions, Sessions Work… the list goes on.  This is part of what makes RBW so special; our shared love of great music helps us to bring the most out of each piece of music we play.  We are never content just to play a cover version of other Artists – we interpret the music – and it sounds amazing!

RBW Recorded his first CD “HOME TO YOU” in July 2016. They presented “Underneath” -a very unique SHOW- last year at Beaches International Jazz Festival. They also presented an amazing Performance this past July at St Michaels Centre For the Arts.

RBW is energy and commitment to quality music. Listen to an RBW concert – our audience repeats “hey, I know that song” over and over. We draw our inspiration from ‘60’s R & B, ‘70’s rock hits right on through to what is on the radio today, all with a new and fresh sound. We also perform our own music written and arranged by the Artists within the band.

RBW is available to perform at Conventions, Parties, Charity Events, Music Festivals, Private Special Events, Launch Parties – indoor, outdoor and virtually anywhere on Planet Earth.  We could perform in an airplane or on the Space Station too… although that might take a bit of additional planning!

For more information visit us at:

Son Cuba

Son Cuba - Traditional Cuban music

Traditional Music is one of the most authentic forms of Cuban music, based in the acoustic sound of the guitar, the tres and light percussion instruments. This style is originated in the East side of Cuba and is known as Country Cuban Music.

The repertoire of Son Cuba is a representation of these genres: son, guajira, guaracha, bolero. Formed in 2003 by Cuban musicians residents in Toronto, Canada, this fantastic project has a unique sound and an extensive performing experience. It will entirely bring you the warm vibes of Latin culture, making you feel like you are in Cuba.

Son Cuba is a four piece band with guitar-tres, bass, percussion and lead vocalist; but it could be fragmented in duet and trio. Also for larges venues we incorporate piano and trumpet depending on the need.